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Saturday, December 28, 2013

And a Happy New Year. Hopefully.

There is no free lunch. Oh this lunch? 

You're paying ma. So I eat lor.

No free lunch, it is either increase toll rates or taxes, says Najib

I will buy you dinner if you can tell me with a straight face that you understand Najib's logic for increasing highway toll charges. 

Nobody said anybody wants a highway to use free, Najib. We are asking if highways are such a great profit making business why did the government privatise them? Get it? Oh. I forget. You're a politician.


When Barisan Nasional won by a simple majority to form the government, the opposition backtracked on their word and disputed the result of the polls - Najib Razak

Sure they did. But talk about backtracking I think you and BN are champs in that area since GE13. No? Toll rates increase. Electricity tariff increase. Subsidies for petrol and commodities reduced. Huh? What? Oh you didn't promise issit? I thought you did. Maybe I misunderstand la. Backtracking is only for Opposition. I see. Thank you, sir.
Is there Viagra for improving your memory?


Federal Territories Minister, Tengku Adnan says that he was misinterpreted when he compared the value of women to property rates. He explained, "I did not mean that women are property. What I meant was, if we build a house and want it to appear nice, it needs to have make-up, like (how) women (put on make-up)." is that better, minister?

And according to this chauvinistic goon's logic, "I respect women... I've got six daughters". Errr.... I don't think it works that way, Adnan. That's like saying you're not corrupt because you already have 2 billion in your bank account.
Aiyoh!!! And we thought our standard of English was still salvageable? 


Aiyoh! This Zaitun woman must get her logic reset la. She said "Leave Malaysia if you dislike BN govt" wor. Since when has a BN, or any other, government meant a country? A government is a group of managers employed by the country's owners, the people.
And she is a Wanita Umno big-shot. Tsk tsk tsk...shame, shame.

I just read something my friend I just read something my friend, Pang suggested. Why don't politicians leave Malaysia if they don't like the rakyat who say that they don't like how Malaysia is being managed. Ya. Balik la. Where? Java? Kerala? I'm sure some of them remember where they were from.


Can we all send an email to the Puteri?Wanita Umno chief to tell her that we are ALL Malaysians who love our country. And that those of us who speak out are merely wanting things to be done better so that ALL Malaysians benefit. We don't want to go anywhere because Malaysia is our country. 

I have posted this message there......

"Dear fellow-Malaysian and Kuantan Wanita Umno division chief, Zaiton Mat , we, who speak out are merely wanting things to be done better so that ALL Malaysians benefit. We don't want to go anywhere else because Malaysia is our country and we love our country."

You can write something on their FB timeline HERE



najib manaukau said...

It will indeed be a happy and prosperous last term in Putrajaya for the warlords before it runs out.
These so called Umno warlords are now coming up with the new slogan of asking non Malays to migrate instead of saying Balik Cina or India'. They must now realise that they themselves might be asked to balik Indonesia because all the people are aware that the real sons of the soil are the Orang Asli.
Where can they ask them to balik ? And for that reason they are now fencing them up or worse still having them genocided instead of allowing to protesting in the streets for the whole to see or to become Christians !

Anonymous said...


Surely Najib and his cabinet ministers cum f**kers are all having free lunches on us because they do nothing but sit around all day making stupid and silly decisions which do not affect them and their families livelihood and bank accounts.

Najib and his cabinet minis-f**kers are prepared to declared their personal wealth and assets including the shares they have in the toll companies and Tenaga. So by virtue of these cabinet f**kers making the decision to increase toll fares and electricity charges, they will stand to gain substantially from their shares in these greedy f**king companies.

Aidil Yunus said...

The govt coffer must be scrapping the bottom thus the drastic tsunami of price increases. Now it's pay back time to receive the BRIM pre GE13. And we likely will not see Brim2 or Brim 3 in the horizon. As the govt has broken all the promises pre GE13. 47% of those who voted BN, all of us including yourself have to suffer due to your shortsightedness. Govt doesn't allow price increases of stationers, school bus etc but doesn't cut down govt expendiutre itself. Bikin tak serupa cakap.

Anonymous said...

Patrick,indeed BN urgently needs stronger dosage of Viagra for an economy erection,which is showing complete weakness and hopelessness. If, I'm not mistaken, wrong prescription was given to the daily and household items, which have "steepen up" in form of hikes, instead of the intended economy. Every day, barang just naik naik naik and naik. People are generally suffering from breathlessness, not by the effect of the blue magical pills, but rather by the hikes,nothing but the hikes.
Datuk will not be surprised to see an almost empty country, if our countrymen, at least 90%, will leave Malaysia if we were to follow her golden advice in leaving if we are not happy with the prices of goods. With this,only the 10% of the population,who are rich and happy with the hikes would live happily ever after.

chankongart said...

Permission to copy and paste?

Zam said...

Netizens have made known to PM Najib that they are unconvinced by Putrajaya’s cost-cutting measures to practice more prudent spending in the new year, with many lamenting over price hikes of goods and services. Many have said that it is ministers that should start the ball rolling by implementing cost-cutting measures and austerity drives instead of squeezing the people.

Anonymous said...

No Malaysian in his right mind believes BN can manage the nation's economy effectively and efficiency. Wait for the Malay tsunami in GE 14.

Beng Beng said...

Cantonese version of Barang Naik song for you to enjoy:

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