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Friday, December 20, 2013

Merry Christmas



Mr Lonely said...

merry christmas!

Anonymous said...

A Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your loved ones, Patrick

Anonymous said...

True, you have said enough.

Too much and you may be admitted to Hotel Bukit Aman courtesy of MCMC.

Anonymous said...

Wishing a blessed Merry Christmas & a very Happy 2014 to all Malaysian brothers & sisters. May the coming year bring good tidings to all.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia is a bogey country.

Let us say that infrastructures to be built, school buildings, roads etc., cost RM10 billions. Govt pays that but 50% possibly could be “wind money” which goes to the cronies.

All the people employed, equipment, materials cost RM5.0 billions, the other half being “wind money”. That’s a lot but 50% of that might find its way to Singapore banks, Virgin Island etc. If the remaining 25% stays and get spent, how does Bank Negara account for the growth of that 25% ???

What would it do to the economy? No labor paid, no equipment and materials bought …? But there was “growth” of wealth!

That makes our economy very phony doesn’t it?

Wonder what Bank Negara has to say about such “positive” growth?

It also makes you wonder about the RM1.3 trillion that disappeared!

Anonymous said...

JAIS believes West Malaysian Bumiputra Malay Muslims can be easily confused if other enlightened people also worship Allah so they need to be protected. In that case, why not simply ban them from traveling outside of West Malaysia so that there can be no contamination of their exclusive faith. Why not also ban them from activities considered HARAM like engaging in corrupt practices.

Anonymous said...

The truth is that the powers-that-be had already used up the options available. The last option left is to shove it to the rakyat to make up all the excesses such as bloated civil service, a top heavy cabinet, mismanagement, lack of foresight, planning and incompetency. By accident or by design, the powers-that-be had opened the Pandora Box and now everyone is jumping into the bandwagon of price hikes. 2014 will the year of payback time, both for the rakyat and the powers-that-be. It might also be the last straw that break the camel's (rakyat's) back.

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