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Wednesday, December 18, 2013


What platform am I standing on now? I pun tak tahu la.

This has to be the biggest piece of bovine excrement to have come out of his mouth. So far.

"I can become a prime minister that stands on the populist platform, but this way, I will destroy the future of our beloved nation"- Najib Razak when speaking to civil servants asking them to "Work Hard".

But he IS a prime minister who stands on the populist platform. He proved it in the Umno GA. He proved it the last time he made that 'you help me, I help you' speech. Remember?


It's just been announced that the toll for 15 highways in the peninsula will be increased by between 50 sen and RM2 on Jan 1.

Works Minister, Fadillah Yusof the rates have not been adjusted for the last six years. And that...

"The government's contracts with the concessionaires allow for adjustment every three years. If the government does not allow the concessionaires to adjust the toll rates, it has to pay them compensation amounting to RM400 million"

What kind of deal did our government make with these companies? If the highway is so lucrative why did the government privatise it? No money to build I think was one reason. With such a win-all-the-way deal any bank will gladly loan a government the money. Right? Cannot lose one ma. So why did our government privatise it?

Can some genius economist please help poor slobs like me to understand ah? Otherwise, life here is getting quite unbearable la. 

 Balik where? Oh, ok. Thanks a lot.


There was an advertisement in The Sun today placed by Tenaga Nasional titled SUBSIDY ADJUSTMENT RATIONALE.

The ad says that TNB spends up to RM6billion a year on capital expenditure and infrastructural maintenance.
Now, capital expenditure is so that you can do more business and make more money. So why do we have to pay you to do that? Insfrastructural maintenance is part of the cost of doing... business. Why do we have to pay you to do that?

TNB says that 70.7% of domestic consumers using 300kWh and below per month will not be affected. Really? Manufacturers will charge more for their goods sold to the same consumers. So how will it not affect poor people?

FREE electricity for consumers whose monthly bill is RM20 and below. Very good. But the government is telling everybody rise up out of their shit-hole. So now you are advocating that these people stay there?

TNB also said that with the new increase in power rates the government will still have to bear RM14billion in subsidy costs annually.
What kind of deal do our government make with TNB? TNB makes billions in profits each year. Increase rates. And still the government pays them??? I don't get it la.

Can some genius economist please explain to us poor working middle-class slobs ah? Thank you.
People have been accusing Attorney-General, Ghani Patail of receiving bribes to lose our claim over Pulau Batu Putih at the International Court of Justice. Now Ghani says that he is prepared to allow his bank accounts in any country, Hong Kong, to be probed for the millions of dollars that have purportedly been deposited into his accounts as bribes.
Come on la people. Why go through all that? Give him the fler the benefit of the doubt la. Maybe he lost the claim simply because he was incompetent leh.
Bank Negara says GST can eradicate trade mis-pricing that fuels illicit capital outflow
Many have told us how GST can do this and that. Yes, everything except how or if it can alleviate our cost of living expenses. How?
China has landed a rover on the moon. Imagine this. Millennia from now, intelligent beings on other planets on other galaxies will be arguing if they or the Chinese arrived there first.


Mr Lonely said...

wah, everything increase in next year, i will be in deep trouble~ T.T

Anonymous said...

China has just landed a rover on the moon but soon we're going to send Ibralim A.. and his gang in a Proton there,lest we lose out in the race. With the introduction of GST in April,billions will be collected, then we will be able send in more. We will be the first in the Asean nations to has landed on the moon in our executive jet. May be by then, Dr might decide to join the trip.

Mr Bojangles said...

China has landed a rover on the moon. Soon the moon will be populated by the Chinese.

And one day, if the thieving UMNO ministers are still around, they can tell us all to go to the moon if we don't like it here.

najib manaukau said...


Stop making promises that you cannot or do not intend to fulfill , just because you want to become the tenants of Putrajaya.
You and all your Umno warlords, past and present, have made all kind of promises since independence. Umno has come up with NEP (Never Enough Policy) and then you came up with NEM (Never Enough Money) to help the Malays but after so many decades you are still trying and trying. These helping the Malays are not doing any thing to help, except the Umno warlords and their proxies and cronies.
Yet you have the audacity to come up with the excuse of the Chinese tsunami for your dismal performance in the GE.
If you were to take the number of Chinese who supported the eight winning candidates from MCA minus the total number of Chinese population in this country. You will be surprise that the remaining number of the small percentage voters that supported the opposition is too small for you to put the blame on the Chinese. You can verify these numbers from the EC, it is the Malay voters and the other non Malay voters that did not vote for you and all your warlords is the cause of your loss in the GE.
In your quest to become the P.M. of this country you waved the keris and promised to bath the Chinese blood with it. No doubt you did that to win the support of the Malay voters especially from the Umno members. And when lost the GE you again blamed the Chinese tsunami for your lost. You blamed the Chinese for everything but instead of acting on the real reasons why these voters did not vote for you.
You should come up with a plan to help the Malays to become more completive and to become successful in life. What you are implementing, the NEP (Never Enough Policy) or the NEM (Never Enough Money) are doing more harm than good to them. You are helping them to become so dependent on hand outs and give aways. Just come up with a plan to help them to become more completive in life. No one is born innate to be more successful than the Malays, therefore the sooner you start helping the Malays to be more competitive the better !

A Bad Boy said...


" or if (GST) can alleviate our cost of living expenses.."

If a government is not corrupt, I am a proponent of GST on EVERYTHING.

If a government is not corrupt, only rich people will hate a GST.


Rich people will no longer be able to avoid paying taxes.

Typically, these fat cats hide their financial affairs in off-shore tax havens and thus pay no taxes.

With the GST, the filthy rich are forced to pay some taxes whenever they spend their money.

Now, in a normal clean, fair and transparent GST system, the monies collected are usually redistributed through the community.

Thus, life CAN be better as low-income families may get assistance in power bills or educational expenses or discounts of essential food items or be guaranteed a minimum wage, or any of the zillion and one things that the rich bastards take for granted.

The very small amount the poor pay for GST is off-set by the re-distributed GST monies.

There will also be plenty of GST money leftover for infrastructure like cheaper housing or clean fresh water.


Unfortunately, in Malaysia, we know what is going to happen to the monies collected from the GST, don't we?

There'll be more shopping trips overseas for Rosmah and her friends, over-priced wall clocks, exorbitant expense claims, mansions for cronies, etc etc.

I feel sorry for Malaysians who are unable to escape the GST and are now forced to hand over 6% of their hard-earned money to UMNO/BN.

Kelty said...

Merdeka Center Public Opinion Survey 2013 revealed that 21% of the respondents “strongly disbelieved” any government statement, while the remaining 33% “somewhat disbelieved”. Only 1% responded that they do strongly believe in statements issued by the government.

This means that 54% of the respondents do not trust Malaysia’s economic performance as espoused by Putrajaya. Also 49% of respondents said the country was heading in the wrong direction, citing factors such the rising cost of living, inflation, the price hike, and unfavourable economic conditions in general. 55% said they did not understand what GSTbwas, with 20% saying they absolutely knew nothing about the tax.

Sam said...

"Gradual reduction of intra-city tolls" was one of the promises in BN's so called "aku janji" manifesto for GE13. All kinds of populist promises were made before elections to trick the gullible voters. Now that they have "won" as the minority government, they repay us by showing us their middle fingers. Vote for BN somemore la !

dingozblue said...

Is the flier being paid monthly so much that he needed to operate an account in HongKong????I would be happy if my monthly income allowed me to operate an account at Bank Bumiputra locally!!!!

Santhira Kumar said...

I really wonder why a robot on moon when a man could do better. Maybe, just maybe sending a man to moon isn't possible....

Anonymous said...

The latest Merdeka survey says that 54% of the population don't believe what the govt said.
So seems like the govt's talk is all 'siok sendiri'!
Najib and his ministers don't care.After all they got fat remuneration and a lot of perks and if not enough,they can always collect(indirectly) from the people by increase this tax and that tax.

Anonymous said...

I do not think BN can run the nation's economy effectively. Most of the talented minds are in either PAS or PKR.

Anonymous said...

Najib said MCA is a flaccid dick that needs Viagra!!!

Anonymous said...

Get ready for this and more:

Putrajaya sold national assets to achieve 2013 deficit target

So what's going to happen to our currency value, exports, etc.??

Anonymous said...

I think all the component parties of the BN need Viagra for the simple reason that they are taking our economy downwards. They need the pills to "stick up" otherwise our economy will be impotent soon i.e ED in the medical term.

Anonymous said...

MCA already eunuch, Viagra cannot erect it.

Anonymous said...

Ku Li said the Malays should be taught skills and knowledge so that they would learn how to be independent instead of constantly relying on the Government.

He said if Malays continued to be dependent on Putrajaya, they would be swallowed by globalisation.

Ku Li also said Perkasa should take a good look at itself and ask why it has been mocked and ignored by the Malay community whose rights the party professes to struggle for.

Sabariah said...

The 36-year-old stepson of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak has reportedly purchased a US$33.5 million (RM110 million) condominium unit in New York.
Riza Shahriz Abdul Aziz, the son of the prime minister's wife Rosmah Mansor from an earlier marriage, bought the property at West 63rd Street in Park Laurel, New York, according to Sarawak Report.

Anonymous said...

When najib says MCA needs viagra, he was looking at chua soi lek.

Anonymous said...

Not only are Malaysians asked to tighten our belt and accept cut in subsidies,the 1 Malaysia PM Putrajaya annual electricity bill cost tax-payers over Rm2 Million and his wife,the FLOM is flying around the world in the executive jet with her associates.Can the Finance Minister of Malaysia who also happens to be the PM and the Governor of Bank Negara,Tan Sri Zeti elaborate the reasons our Ringgit is weakening against Singapore dollar now at RM2.6:S$1. Singapore which is a mud-flat island without any resources is way ahead of Malaysia, apa-sebab nya ?

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