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Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Laugh Out Loud Stories

Apparently, this is an essential item in Malaysian homes. 
The TV la!

Developed nations status? We're there already. How do I know this? Flood victims in Malaysia, as anywhere else, need "essential" items to survive and get on with things. According to this news story, Malaysians' 'essentials' include LED TV's. Phwaaar! Terror or not?  Full story HERE


Apparently looking at pictures of our civil servants can now instill patriotism. Damn funny right?


Okay, sit down. Read this...

A television, a fridge, a mattress, pillows and a stove. That’s what around 32,000 families of victims affected by the flood last December will get each.

The aforementioned aid is a joint effort by Putera 1Malaysia Club, Umno and Malaysian Communi­cations and Multimedia Commission (MCMC).

The 32-inch LED televisions and two-door fridges are contributed by MCMC and Umno respectively, while the mattresses, pillows and stoves are from the Putera 1Malaysia Club.

Putera 1Malaysia Club chairman Datuk Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim expects more than 150,000 victims to benefit from this aid. (The Star online)

First, can somebody do the math and tell me how much a 32-inch LED TV costs? Multiply that by 32,000 please.

Second, I don't understand what the Putera 1Malaysia Club chairman Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim was saying about 150,000 victims benefiting from this.
Oh wait a minute. TV can share and watch. Ok good. Stove? Ok can share for cooking. Ok good. Mattresses and pillows? You mean share and sleep together ah?

Here you read the news story for yourself. I don't faham la what the fler is tokking.