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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The World's Bravest Prime Minister

Look at this photo. I will slap anyone who says the Malaysian prime minister is not a courageous man. He is fearless. You dare or not?



Tiger said...

He's got balls of steel! ;)

niaokong said...

Good to see that you are back to this blog as I thought you have been 'gum' by the authority!

Anonymous said...

Effect of consuming too much Cordycep pills?

Anonymous said...

Mama ada telur ada. Mama takda telur pun takda.

Mama is the 'Egg' Keeper.


lora said...

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Anonymous said...

Yes I agree. He was very brave in taking the IGP's advice NOT to attend the Nothing2Hide ceramah! He knew people would mock him but he did the right thing. It was dangerous said the IGP. After all, why does anyone want to know why his pet sovereign fund lost any money. Berani sekali! Please donot ask IGP what the threat was. It is a national secret just like the losses.

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