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Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Faith. The real sense of the word.

This man has FAITH

Malaysia has more religious freedom than US, Singapore, Christian group says - President of a new non-governmental organisation Christians for Peace and Harmony Malaysia (CPHM), Reverend Wong Kim Kong
I want whatever this Reverend Wong is smoking or shooting up or snorting. Really. I mean read what else he says....
“In Malaysia, even if you talk bad about a different religion, not that we want to, they won’t disturb you,”
He claimed Malaysians are also allowed to freely practice their
religions at any location while Americans face difficulty even when wanting to pray.
“For the Christians, the Buddhist, the Hindus, you can build a shrine anywhere, you can open a church in any shop lot.
“You can even form a church without registration because the constitution allows you to practice your religion.
I like the way this happy fairy is convinced that "........even if you talk bad about a different religion, not that we want to, they won’t disturb you...." Well, I guess it is true. They won't disturb you. They just throw you into a cell and leave you alone. They won't disturb you.



Anonymous said...

That fella must be reading something prepared by Lim Cock Wing.
There is freedom of religion in Malaysia?....hahaha.
Say it in front of Ms.Lina Joy.

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Happy walker said...

fuiyoh, this is great!

Anonymous said...

Najib is using the nambikei trick on Christians.
Ha Ha!

flyer168 said...



Yes indeed.

Looks like a new "Pawn/Macai" is discovered to join Jibby's stable of meceneries...!

Just to share this...

"The acid test for Christians for Peace

COMMENT Most people would agree that if the Christians for Peace and Harmony Malaysia (CPHM) movement is being apolitical, it should be liberal in the way it provides funding of community projects with seed money of RM20,000 or RM30,000.

Its president, Rev Wong Kim Kong, has used the words “non-partisan” and openly declared that even before the organisation was launched recently by Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, they have already raised all the money that they needed from within the Christian community.

As if spilling the beans with his own words, Wong had in fact denied federal funding, saying that this would at least spare his newly-established organisation from being perceived as being directly backed by Putrajaya.

It cannot be denied that prominent Christian businessman Francis Yeoh and his family have always been known for their great generosity for a number of causes that they personally support.

In his speech, Najib had even told the audience that the banquet for 1,200 in the five-star hotel was sponsored by YTL Corporation, the owner of the posh Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

Money apparently was also pouring from other commercial entities. Without stating the obvious, big donations collected from the private companies to support the newly-established organisation often come from people who owe a favour to the people in the corridors of power.

Wong did not have to say it but most people know that, within the local context, a mere word from a sitting prime minister to any businessman is all that it takes for big amounts of money to be released.

But as one Christian has posted his comment, an organisation like CPHM should have taken a more humble approach during its launch. Instead of splashing it on a lavish banquet, it should have channeled whatever money that it has to where the real needs are.

With the kind of funding that Wong said CPHM has attracted, the money would have been better used on a non-partisan basis by organisations that are directly involved in the flood relief work in Kelantan, where homes are still not built and people are still living in makeshift tents.

The money spent on 1,200 guests in a lavish banquet for a night could have been better used to feed a few hundred multi-religious, multi-faith street people or help the homeless Kelantanese. There is no need to give away bags of rice, with CPHM’s name (or even Najib’s portrait) printed on the bags.

As I gather it, the reason why most people are unhappy about CPHM’s positioning is because the movement carries the label of being ‘Christian’ but appears to have some hidden motives, yet denying having any links with or backing from Putrajaya.

The Malay Mail Online has been more direct in calling it a ‘Putrajaya-backed’ movement, but I am merely saying that CPHM should have been more upfront about its real motives.

It’s a long article. Read the whole article in: (including comments)

You be the judge.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Reverend Wong KING KONG,

There are thousand and one ways to convince the world that you are an idiot. But not this one.

Winston Yap said...

There are no lack of such cock talkers in this country!!!
That's why this country is all screwed-up!!!