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Friday, December 11, 2015

The Chosen One is among us.

Phwaaar!!! I never knew that the Chosen One is among us until I read it in the news portal today.  Baarger! Damn good la these Umno flers! Unlike we kafir flers who still have to wait for the 2nd Coming. Somemore donch know when.



Surjit Singh said...

niamah dumno

Surjit Singh said...

niamah this dumno fellars bunch of murtad people..

rpremkumar2u said...

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Do we get dazzled by this brilliance or baffled by the bullsugar?

Unknown said...

Yes, he is the chosen one to destroy the country and its people.

Anonymous said...

lol..the chosen one who is pang5 bugis pundek ka? kah..kah..kah..the fact is bugis is direct descendant of pirate of caribbean la..?

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Anonymous said...

That title is, CMG (Call Me God) The next step is GCMG, ( God Calls Me God.

Anonymous said...

The chosen One!!? huh

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Anonymous said...

You fellas just jealous. He is handsome, got beautiful wife (sigh), Arab give him billions to remain Sunni, he is 'orang kaya' of Pahang, etc, etc. I say give him 'Exalted Star of Special Respect' (translate into Malay if you no spik gud Inglis as " Pingat Utama Kehormatan Istimewa'. Wah! Hidup Najib!

Anonymous said...

Those 'billions' are to be used to prove that Arabs invented gravitational waves. Oh yes, we knew all about gravitational waves. Ask Mahathir about our space program. Our Malay spaceman felt them as he was up there. But Mahathir kept it a secret from those western dogs.

West only now claims it detected the waves. Really? What was it doing for the last billion years - cancel that. I mean last thousand years?